1 Jul

Raleigh Personal Injury Claim Lawyer

Whether you’ve been injured at work or you’ve been injured in an auto accident, the right Raleigh personal injury claim lawyer to call is Gregory Gunter. For more than twelve years, our law office has specialized in settling workers compensation claims and automobile accident claims for the people in Raleigh, North Carolina and surrounding suburbs. Clients work with us because we make sure they understand their rights and are able to follow the process from beginning to end. When an accident happens, be prepared to be bullied by insurance companies, unless you hire our Raleigh law office to represent you.

Many people don’t realize that even their own insurance company can be a potential enemy when it comes to accident cases, especially auto accidents. It’s sad that most people assume their car insurance company is on their side and will step up to defend them if an accident happens. After all, you pay them a premium every month, isn’t it their job to take care of everything when it comes to car accidents? Unfortunately, once the accident is reported, you may get a call as soon as the next day from your own insurance company offering you a settlement. You would generally expect that type of call from the other party’s insurance company, but not your own. Yet those phone calls do happen, and it’s mainly because insurance companies need to watch their own bottom line and make sure they’re maintaining a good profit margin for their investors. So getting to you before you call an experienced Raleigh personal injury claim lawyer is their way of trying to settle for the least amount possible, mainly to protect their own profit margin. So please be warned. Never settle an auto accident claim without calling our office at 919-670-1070 first.

The same is true for workers compensation cases. It’s best not to say anything to your employer or their insurance company until you’ve talked with our Raleigh personal injury claim lawyer, Gregory Gunter. You never know what you might say that would have a negative impact on your case. So it’s always best to hire us first and let us take care of all the communications with your employer and their insurance carrier. Don’t take chances with any personal injury case. Call our office first at 919-670-1070 and let us do the work for you.


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