24 Jun

Raleigh Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been hit by a car while walking in a designated crosswalk, call attorney K. Gregory Gunter right away. You need to be protected and we want to be sure you know your rights. We not only handle Raleigh automobile accident cases, but we also handle Raleigh pedestrian accident cases, bicycle cases, as well as pedestrian hit and run cases. If you watch any of the nightly news these days, you probably remember seeing pedestrian accidents taking place more often than they should. Sometimes the accident occurs because the pedestrian did not follow the law and crossed in the middle of a busy street. Other accidents involving pedestrians are caused by drunk drivers or distracted drivers on their cell phone making calls or texting. No matter what the situation, if you’ve been hit by a car, truck, bus, cab or any other motor vehicle, be sure to call on our Raleigh pedestrian accident lawyer at the law office of K. Gregory Gunter for a free consultation.

Hiring an experienced attorney is a smart move, no matter what type of accident you’ve been involved in. If you’re the driver and you hit another vehicle, you need to be represented by an experienced lawyer. If you’re a passenger in a car driven by someone else and you’re in an accident with a pickup truck, hiring an experienced law firm is a wise move. And if you get hit while sitting at a bus stop or riding your bike in a bike lane or simply crossing the street at a busy intersection, your rights need to be protected. You need to hire Raleigh pedestrian accident lawyer K. Gregory Gunter right away.

Never leave the scene of an accident, whether it was your fault or the fault of the other person. Leaving the scene of an accident can make it look like you’re at fault, even if you’re not. Knowing your rights when it comes to any type of vehicle and vehicle accident or vehicle and pedestrian accident is important. And since you’re probably not an expert when it comes to knowing the law or all of your rights, it’s a good idea to call the Raleigh pedestrian accident lawyer who can protect not only you, but your entire family, from liability and lawsuits that could come as a result of an accident. Don’t take chances when you’ve been in an accident. Call the office of K. Gregory Gunter immediately at 919-670-1070.

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